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The future is now

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We introduce the most advanced technology in augmented reality glasses for everywhere

Invisible technology

The best technology is the

one that is not seen and that

is our philosophy in Oveede.

Augmented reality and Artificial

Intelligence placed in an incredible

device ready to use.

New way to see the world

Thanks to the augmented reality, you will can do things you never imagined and discover new ways of doing everyday tasks. Augmented reality is incredibly useful for solving everyday problems.

Lens AR see-through

Extremely slim lens specially manufactured for augmented reality applications with a very high field of vision (FOV)

Dynamic Vision Correction

Through the development of a completely transparent liquid crystal we achieve a vision correction in a dynamic way and during its use.

Our dynamic vision correction technology

allows us to solve problems related to

Augmented Reality such as fatigue, nausea,

eye fatigue and other eye problems and

provide a superior and comfortable experience.



We integrate the new Snapdragon 845 designed to increase chip performance and run artificial intelligence applications. Our glasses incorporate WiFi, LTE, BTL, Artificial Intelligence cameras and Bone conduction audio

Snapdragon 845

Voice control

IA camera

Bone conduction audio

Bubble OS

Operating system based on Linux developed especially for our augmented reality glasses,  seamlessly integrating the high resolution content with the  physical world, while maintaining connections with its environment and those around it.

Enhanced capabilities. Solutions to real problems





Our team


Teamwork is a key element of Oveede. Our team is very strong in terms of creativity and technology. People, who work with us, do their best to achieve great result. 

Betto Oballe

CEO & Founder

Oscar Oballe

COO & Co - Founder

Jose Oballe


We started working with no experience, no money, and no network. The only thing We had was the passion for our dream, make the augmented reality possible and reach all people around the world, dream that was waiting to become real. Then, We have found other people who shared the same passion and became a part of our team.

Through the ingenuity of our people and cutting-edge advanced manufacturing techniques, we will deliver products at a quality and efficiency that that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and shareholder value. From advanced materials and pieces from ultimate technology we are making the augmented reality the reality of tomorrow.

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