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transform entire industries.

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Hi!, We're Oveede

We're a conglomerate of technology brands, based in Mexico, created with the purpose of providing high solutions technology to various  companies in the industrial, automotive, mining, medical, aerospace and military sector.

We know that high-tech development has helped to overcome communication barriers and reduce the gap between people around the world, and applied in an orderly manner, they allow the human being to meet their needs or solve their problems.



Engineered products

and solutions for

industry and cities

We introduce the most advanced technology grouped into three specific areas to be the instruments of development towards the future 




Augmented Reality & 

Holographic Technology


Artificial Intelligence,

Robotics & Biotech


Internet of Things

Augmented Reality


Thanks to the augmented reality, you will can do things you never imagined and discover new ways of doing everyday tasks. Augmented reality is incredibly useful for solving everyday problems.



Augmented reality is definitely the technology that every

company should have. In the era where virtual is the dominant

thing, adding augmented reality technology to your 

plans will make your company as well as innovative,

modern and effective. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make your company more productive by saving costs and streamlining processes

Incorporating software that can

do tasks that were previously performed by

humans implies the achievement

of objectives in a more “intelligent” way

Internet of Things

Imagine life without connectivity is impossible in our day. Especially for companies because the opportunities and developments that arise from being connected are many.

There are many benefits that companies can

obtain by adopting IoT in their business,

whether to offer new products and services,

improve existing ones, and to achieve

greater customer proximity.

Brands that give solutions to real problems

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